Curation and Data Management Services

Services: The Harvard Dataverse Repository provides fee-based curation services to researchers around the world who are depositing data into The Harvard Dataverse Repository. Research data replication datasets, data for related publications, and all file types and domains are welcomed in the Harvard Dataverse Repository. Our curation services will ensure that your datasets are discoverable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR).

Request help: Please send a detailed description of your specific research project, your affiliation, and position to We aim to respond to your message within 24 hours.

Ongoing Harvard Dataverse Repository administration and curation services:
  Curation Service Table

PDF of Harvard Dataverse Repository Curation Services table


We provide short-term (see chart below) support in the form of advice on the following:

  • Using the Harvard Dataverse Repository to manage and share your data to meet FAIR standards
  • Best practices for preparing data for sharing (e.g., organizing files, best file formats for data sharing, restricted data access, deidentification)

To request help, you can schedule an appointment: Contact us at We aim to respond to your message within 24 hours.

Curation Service

We provide curation services within the range of features provided by the Harvard Dataverse Repository for a fee. We can design your research space to support collections of data and datasets using appropriate metadata and searchable facets, and upload and curate your datasets so they are ready for publishing. Specifically, we can provide the following:

  • Create your personalized journal, project, scholar, or institutional Dataverse Collection to support your datasets and data management team
  • Create templates, guestbooks and set permissions to support your project data space
  • Create your datasets and provide enhanced metadata
  • Upload files in user friendly formats with enhanced file metadata
  • Publish your datasets and Dataverse Collection
  • Provide maintenance instructions to your authors or project team in using your project space

In return for this extended support, we ask for:

  • Compensation: IQSS will receive compensation for time spent working on the project at a rate of $50 per hour/or the base prices stated below in our table of services, whichever cost is less
  • Limitations:  Replication verification services are available on a pilot only basis at this time and will be available in the near future using the Code Ocean replication verification tool.

What Level of Service is Right for You?

Extended consultation services: is appropriate if you have decided to use the Harvard Dataverse Repository to share your data and would like additional consultation or preparing your data for sharing, including a demonstration on customizing features to support your team and data, converting files to best formats, best practices around data deidentification, replication verification options, etc...

Dataverse Collection set-up services and dataset and data file ingest: This service is appropriate if you have decided to use the Harvard Dataverse Repository and would like the staff to create your personal space, including enabling all Dataverse software features (guestbook, templates, permissions, features collections), uploading your “cleaned” datasets and files, enhancing metadata for your datasets, and creating a final document that guides your group on using your new Dataverse Collection. This cost is per Dataverse Collection created.