Getting Started

Publishing your data is easy on the Harvard Dataverse Repository!

A Dataverse Collection is a customizable container for organizing and showcasing datasets. The Dataverse Collection can be for an individual researcher, research group, an entire department, a journal, etc. We recommend you first create a Dataverse Collection and then add datasets to that Dataverse Collection.

Files up to 2.5GB in any format are accepted. Some formats (RData, SPSS, STATA, CSV, xlsx, FITS) are processed to access their metadata and thus be able to provide more features for these type of files (such as file metadata search and re-formatting). 

To deposit data in the Harvard Dataverse Repository you will need to:

  • Log in with the following options:
    • Your institutional affiliation login, e.g. HarvardKey
    • Username/email
    • ORCID
    • GitHub
    • Google
You can practice adding data on the Demo Dataverse Repository website

Want more details?

Watch this deep dive into the Harvard Dataverse Repository features, where we cover the following and much more:
  • The purpose of research data sharing
  • How to organize research data for sharing
  • Options for sharing deidentified or sensitive data
  • Data analysis and visualization tools provided by the Harvard Dataverse Repository
  • Dataset and file level DOIs and data citations
  • How to manage a team project on the Harvard Dataverse Repository